If you would like to make a one-time donation to our rescue, please do so using the link below.

Donations to 2x2 Rescue will help us continue our work with animals.

Don't forget, all donations are tax deductible!

2x2 Rescue greatly appreciates your support

Another way you can donate to our animals is by calling our veterinarian directly.Southlake Animal Hospital has been providing care to our animals for years. Simply call (219) 942-0909 and ask to make a payment or donation. You can specify if you want it to go to our general account or to a certain animal. Either is fine and much appreciated. This is just a quicker and easier way to donate. It saves you a stamp and a check. It also saves the fee that Paypal charges. We appreciate your continued support and are excited about introducing some new animals soon!!!

If interested in making a non-monetary donation (example: a product donation for an event raffle basket), please send an email to the following to arrange pick-up. As always, donations are tax deductible!