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Meet Shenzi

About Shenzi

Shenzi's story might be a particularly sad one if she could tell it. 
Once upon a time, she was a young vibrant girl... she had a family who cared enough to have her spayed and microchipped.... but that could be where it ends..... In the recent past, we believe she developed a flea allergy that turned into a secondary infection..... causing her to lose a great amount of her hair, her ears were so infected and neglected, she lost most of her hearing. 
Shenzi also had extreme dental trauma, 7 teeth were removed at her dental appointment, root and pulp exposed, slab fractures, major infection, and puss filled pockets that had to have had her miserable! Imagine how bad you feel when you have a cavity? How long do you wait to see a dentist?! Imagine going for YEARS with seven!

Shenzi, fortunately, found safety and indoor comforts at a shelter and we saw her sad face and knew she had to come to us.
Following several vet appointments to address her several afflictions, she has gotten to feel better and look better. While she may never grace the cover of Dogs Today or another magazine, we feel she deserves the comforts any good dog does.... certainly the comforts a senior deserves.

This domesticated Hyenna mix is not too big, not too small... she is just right. She is about 35lbs, housebroken, loves to go for rides! She is very little trouble... really, all she asks for is a nice comfy bed and a couple of yummy meals during the day. She is good with other dogs, cats and kids. 

Shenzi's foster mom also made sure she liked fashions and she doesn't complain at all. She has a lot of favorite activities...
- Car Rides
- Window Patrol
- Naps
- Cuddling
- Binge watching Netflix (she has time)
- Eating
- Snacking
- Dress up
- Crafting

Shenzi is a charming gal with a bit of sass and a lot of love

Other Information

House Trained
Size: Small
Coat length: Short
Good with other dogs, cats, and children

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